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The concept of Échappées Belles

Marie-O, the designer of Échappées Belles lives and works in her farmhouse in Brittany, France. A place where family and friends meet, work mingles with private live… creativity arises from everyday live. Her husband´s oeuvres, her mother´s heirlooms, souvenirs from Japan or USA where two of her children live, little treasures made by her grandchildren. Wide open spaces, surrounded by green gardens, close to the sea- here you find the roots of Échappées Belles.

The core value of Échappées Belles

As a skilled weaver Marie-O loves and appreciates beautiful fabrics and artisanry. Every new collection starts with a research for new appealing fabrics and shapes. Every collection is developed completely in Brittany, starting with the idea, over patterns up to first samples. She travels regularly throughout France, through Italy and Japan to buy the exclusive fabrics. Marie-O loves the feel of fabrics, the different textures, the characteristic of every woven fabric which makes every piece special.
She has decided to produce only in Europe in a small family business in Romania because of its artisan craftsmanship, dedication to its profession and fair-minded cooperation.
Échappées Belles is a timeless collection for cheerful women, who are curious of life, full of energy, who do not chase every trend and prefer sustainability, fantasy and pleasure - a collection for the woman who strives to be strikingly effortless and who looks for authentic fashion.